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Republic Of China Air Force (ROCAF)

Air Base Map

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Aviation Order of Battle

ROCAF Command Headquarters (Taipei)
  • Air Combat Command
    • Air Tactical Control Wing
    • Communications & Aviation Control Wing
    • Weather Wing

  • Logistics Command
    • 1st Logistics Depot (Pingtung)
    • 2nd Logisitics Depot (Taichung)
    • 3rd Logistics Depot (Kangshan)

  • Air Defense & Security Command

  • Education, Training & Doctrine Developing Command
    • Tactical Training & Development Center

  • Taoyuan Air Base Command(Stood down July 1, 2005)
    • 8th Tactical Fighter Group
            15th Fighter Squadron: F-5E/F
            16th Fighter Squadron: F-5E/F
            4th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron: RF-5E/F

  • Sungshan Air Base Command

  • Makung Air Base Command

  • Air Force Academy
    • Aviation Training Command
            Basic Training Group: T-34C
            Fighter Training Group: AT-3
            Airlift Training Group: Beech 1900C 2
  • 443rd Tactical Fighter Wing (Tainan)

  • 499th Tactical Fighter Wing (Hsinchu)

  • 427th Tactical Fighter Wing (CCK)

  • 455th Tactical Fighter Wing (Chiayi)

  • 401st Tactical Composite Wing (Hualien)
    • 17th Tactical Fighter Group3: F-16A/B
    • 26th Tactical Fighter Group3: F-16A/B
    • 27th Tactical Fighter Group3: F-16A/B
    • 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron: F-16A/B

  • 439th Composite Wing (Pingtung)
    • 10th Tactical Airlift Group
            101st Airlift Squadron: C-130H
            102nd Airlift Squadron: C-130H
    • 20th Electronic Warfare Group
            2nd Early Warning Squadron: E-2T
            6th Electronic Warfare Squadron: C-130HE

  • 737th Tactical Fighter Wing (Taitung)
    • 7th Tactical Fighter Group
            44th Fighter Squadron: F-5E/F
            45th Fighter Squadron: F-5E/F
            46th Fighter Squadron: F-5E/F
1: A detachment is sent from the main island from April through October each year.
2: Detached from Sungshan.
3: These Groups were upgraded from the original Tactical Fighter Squadrons on November 1, 2004, in the largest restructure undertaken by ROCAF since 1999. Each Group is commanded by a Colonel, but the number of aircraft assigned is not much different from that for a Squadron. Although their official English designation is Tactical Fighter Group, the Chinese designation literally means Operations Group.

Aircraft Weapons & Equipment

  • Medium-range Air-to-air Missiles
    • AIM-7M Sparrow: F-16A/B
    • AIM-120C AMRAAM: F-16A/B
    • MICA: Mirage 2000-5Di/Ei
    • Sky Sword TC-2: F-CK-1A/B

  • Short-range Air-to-air Missiles
    • AIM-9P4 Sidewinder: F-5E/F, F-16A/B, F-CK-1A/B
    • AIM-9M Sidewinder: F-16A/B
    • R550 Magic II: Mirage 2000-5Di/Ei
    • Sky Sword TC-1: F-CK-1A/B

  • Air-to-surface Missiles
    • AGM-65B Maverick: F-5E/F, F-16A/B
    • AGM-65G Maverick: F-16A/B
    • AGM-84A Harpoon: F-16A/B

  • Unguided Bombs
    • ISCB-1: F-5E/F, F-16A/B
    • Mk 20 Rockeye: F-5E/F, F-16A/B
    • Mk 82LDGP/SE 500-lb: F-5E/F, F-16A/B
    • Mk 84LDGP 2000-lb: F-5E/F, F-16A/B
    • M117 750-lb: F-5E/F
    • BLU-1: F-5E/F
  • Guided Bombs
    • GBU-10 Paveway II 2000-lb: F-5E/F, F-16A/B
    • GBU-12 Paveway II 500-lb: F-5E/F, F-16A/B

  • Unguided Rockets
    • LAU-3/A 19x2.75-in: F-5E/F, F-16A/B
    • LAU-60/A 19x2.75-in: F-5E/F, F-16A/B

  • Aircraft Guns
    • DEFA 554 30-mm: Mirage 2000-5Di/Ei
    • M39A3 20-mm: F-5E/F
    • M61A1 6x20-mm: F-16A/B, F-CK-1A/B

  • ECM Pods
    • AN/ALQ-184(V)7: F-16A/B


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