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Northrop / STAe RF-5E Tigergazer Service History Fleet Images Fleet Information
In mid-1990s, the ROCAF RF-104G were nearing the end of their service life. To continuously fulfill the requirements for tactical reconnaissance, the ROCAF sent seven low-time F-5E to STAe for conversion into the RF-5E. (Some sources reported that eight F-5E were sent to STAe, one of which was used to pay for the cost of conversion.) Reconnaissance equipment on these ROCAF RF-5E include the KA-95, KA-87, RS710, and Type 900 cameras. To accomodate the cameras, the original AN/APQ-159 radar and one M39 cannon were removed, and the nose was extended by 8 inches with six apertures added. In addition, blasts were installed between the engine exhausts to balance the weight of the new nose section.

Service History

Deliveries of the RF-5E commenced in August 1997. They were first assigned to the 12th TRS of the 401th (5th) Composite Wing at Taoyuan, to replace the RF-104G, which were finally retired on May 22, 1998. As part of the ROCAF reorganization, the 401th CW was relocated to Hualien and Taoyuan Air Base Command was established at Taoyuan on July 1, controlling the 8th Tactical Fighter Group. As a result, the 4th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron stood up at Taoyuan under the 8th TFG and took over the RF-5E.

Fleet Images

5501 5503 in 12 TRS markings 5503 5504
5505 5507

Fleet Information

Tail No. Serial No. Remark
5501 83-0085 Formerly F-5E 5315
5502 83-0086 Formerly F-5E 5316; w/o 10/12/03
5503 83-0087 Formerly F-5E 5317
5504 83-0088 Formerly F-5E 5318
5505 83-0091 Formerly F-5E 5321
5506 83-0093 Formerly F-5E 5323
5507 83-0094 Formerly F-5E 5324

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