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Taiwan requested the purchase of 30 TH-67A training helicopters, 30 sets of AN/AVS-6(V)1 night vision goggles and other related elements of program support in May 1996 to replace the ageing TH-55A, 22 of which were ordered in 1978. Delivery of the TH-67 began in February 1998 and was to be completed by April 1999. Unfortunately, a TH-55 crashed in March 1998, killing two on board. The Army grounded its TH-55 fleet and was under pressure to expedite the conversion process. The TH-67 were commissioned at Kueijen Army Aviation Training Center on May 27, 1998, at the same time when the remaining TH-55 were retired.

Twenty TH-67A (numbered from 201 to 220) are configured for VFR training while the other ten (from 221 to 230) were for IFR training. Externally, they differ in that the IFR configured types lack the wire cutters.

TH-67A 203 made a crash landing on December 2, 2002, during a night-time training mission. Fortunately, the instructor and two students escaped with only minor injuries.

Fleet Images

201 204 211 (Photo by Jason Tu) 212
214 215 216 217
221 223 229 230

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