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Brief History

The Fleet Helicopter Squadron of the Republic of China Navy (ROCN) was established on September 1, 1977 at Tsoying Naval Base under a program code-named "Seahawk." This unit received 12 500MD/ASWs in 1980, the 69th year since ROC was established in 1911; therefore these helicopters are all serialed 69xx.

In the subsequent years, the ROCN pursueed several modernization programs to build its so-called second-generation naval forces. These programs were supervised by PFG-2 Management Office:

  1. The first program was code-named "Kuang-Hwa No. 1", which was to supposed to build new destroyers or frigates ourselves. This program was terminated since the Navy believed that it did not have enough experience and technology to build its own warships.

  2. The second program was called "Kuang-Hwa No. 2", which was the whole procurement plan of the U.S. Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates and French La Fayette class frigates.

  3. The third program was "Sheng-Ying", or "Thunderhawk" in English, which was to purchase 10 S-70C(M)-1 ASW helicopters. The serial numbers of these S-70C(M)-1 therefore are 23xx, where the 2 represents the 2nd-generation naval forces and the 3 represents the 3rd program.

The Fleet Helicopter Squadron was expanded to the Fleet Helicopter Group to accommodate more personnel and facilities on July 1, 1991. The Group consisted of the 701st Helicopter Squadron (S-70Cs), 501st Helicopter Squadron (500MD/ASWs), Maintenance and Supplies Squadron, and Base Squadron. For strategical requirements, the headquarters and its 701st Helicopter Squadron as well as accessory supporting equipment and staff moved to Hualien.

In an attempt to consolidate all anti-submarine aircraft, the Naval Aviation Command was established in Hualien in April 1999. Then, on July 1, 1999, the ROCAF officially transferred its Anti-submarine Group along with its S-2T to the ROCN. The Group became ROCN's 1st Aviation Group, owning the 133rd and 134th Squadrons, which were formerly the 33rd and 34th Squadrons of the ROCAF, respectively. The original Helicopter Group was renamed as the 2nd Aviation Group, while the squadrons under its command were not changed. On March 1, 2000, the 702nd Helicopter Squadron was established under the 2nd Aviation Group to operate the new S-70C(M)-2.

Aviation Order of Battle

Naval Aviation Command (Taoyuan)
  • 1st Aviation Group
    • 133rd Squadron: S-2T
    • 134th Squadron: S-2T

  • 2nd Aviation Group

  • Maintenance Group
    • 1st Maintenance Squadron (Pingtung)
    • 2nd Maintenance Squadron (Tsoying)
    • 3rd Maintenance Squadron (Hualien)

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